Vol. 31, Nos. 1/2, 2013


Original Articles
Colonization of Artificial Substrates at Dauphin Island, Alabama: A Comparison of Balanus (Cirripedia), Membranipora tenuis (Bryozoa), and Conopeum tenuissimum (Bryozoa) Settlement in 1999–2000 and 2010–12. By Stephen C. Landers, Martha E. Perry and Rachel N. Jones
Economic Impact of Gulf of Mexico Ecosystem Goods and Services and Integration Into Restoration Decision-Making. By Andrew N. Shepard, John F. Valentine, Christopher F. D'Elia, David W. Yoskowitz, and David E. Dismukes
Age and Growth of the Sandbar Shark (Carcharhinus plumbeus) from the Northern Gulf of Mexico and the Western North Atlantic Ocean. By Loraine F. Hale and Ivy E. Baremore
Phylogenetic Relationships Among Four Western Atlantic Cynoscion Species Based on DNA Sequences From 11 Nuclear Introns, Two Mitochondrial Genes, and Genotypes From 32 Microsatellite Markers. By Seifu Seyoum, Brandon L. Barthel, Michael D. Tringali, and Susan L. Carney
Distribution, Abundance, and Feeding Habits of Juvenile Kingfish (Menticirrhus) Species Found in the North-Central Gulf of Mexico. By E. John Anderson and Bruce H. Comyns
A Note on the Distribution of Some Sponges and Corals in a Seagrass Bed, Long Key, Florida. By Matthew Landau, Michelle Curtis, and Susanna Reiley
Short Papers and Notes
Mass Mortality of the Sea Stars Luidia clathrata and Luidia alternata alternata on the Alabama Coast,
December 2013. By James B. McClintock, Luke M. McClintock, and John M. Lawrence
Range Expansion of Black Mangroves (Avicennia germinans) to the Mississippi Barrier Islands. By Whitney A. Scheffel, Kenneth L. Heck, Jr., Just Cebrian, Matthew Johnson, and Dorothy Byron