Vol. 29, No. 1, June 2011


Original Articles
Will Overfishing and Proposed Mississippi River Diversions Imperil Louisiana Oyster Fisheries?
Commentary and Review. By Lynn B. Loftin, H. Dickson Hoese, and Mark A. Konikoff
Population Changes and Location-Specific Differences for Otolith-Derived Age and Growth of
Recreationally Harvested Spotted Seatrout (Cynoscion nebulosus) From Alabama in 2007.
By Matthew W. Johnson, Stephen A. Bortone, Bradley W. Klement, and Robert L. Shipp
Comparison of Ichthyoplankton Sampling Conducted by the State of Alabama and the National
Marine Fisheries Service During Southeast Area Monitoring and Assessment Program Fall
Plankton Surveys. By Christina M. Schobernd, Mark Van Hoose, and Joanne Lyczkowski-Shultz
Insights From Whaling Logbooks on Whales, Dolphins, and Whaling in the Gulf of Mexico.
By Randall R. Reeves, Judith N. Lund, Tim D. Smith, and Elizabeth A. Josephson
Short Papers and Notes
Comparison of Macrobenthic Assemblages in Shallow Coastal Lagoons (Northwest Florida)
with Different Level of Anthropogenic Impact. By Luis M. Ferrero-Vicente, Elena Martínez-García,
Just Cebrián, Kenneth L. Heck, Jr., Bart Christiaen, and Jose L. Sánchez-Lizaso
Recent Sightings of the North Atlantic Right Whale in the Gulf of Mexico. By Leslie I. Ward-Geiger,
Amy R. Knowlton, Anthony F. Amos, Thomas D. Pitchford, Blair Mase-Guthrie, and Barbara J. Zoodsma