Vol. 21, No. 2, December 2003

Original Articles
Meristic and Morphometric Differences in Populations of Rivulus marmoratus.  By D. Scott Taylor 145
A Comparison of Macroepifauna Among Vegetated and Unvegetated Habitats in a South Florida Estuary Using a Passive Sampling Gear. By Paul J. Rudershausen, James V. Locascio and Lourdes M. Rojas 159
The Effects of Season and Proximity to Fringing Mangroves on Seagrass - Associated Fish Communities in Charlotte Harbor, Florida. By Gregg R. Poulakis, David A. Blewett and Michael E. Mitchell 171
Settlement of the acorn Barnacle Balanus From Mobile Bay and Weeks Bay, Alabama. By Stephen C. Landers and Scott W. Phipps 186
Seasonal and Spatial Variation in Algal Composition a;nd Biomass on the Central Florida Gulf-Coast Shelf. By Janessa Cobb and John M. Lawrence 192
Continental Shelf Hypoxia: Some Compelling Answers. Comments on "Continental Shelf Hypoxia: Some Nagging Question." By Gilbert T. Rowe and Piers Chapman, 2002. Gulf of Mexico Science 20(2): 153-160. By Donald F. Boesch 202
A Response to "Continental Shelf Hypoxia: Some Compelling Answers." By Donald F. Boesch, this issue. By Gilbert T. Rowe and Piers Chapman 206