Vol. 17, No. 2, December 1999
Original Articles
Estuarine Artificial Reefs to Enhance Seagrass Planting and Provide Fish Habitat.  By Ryan J. Heise and Stephen A. Bortone
Use of Discriminant and Fourth-Derivative Analyses with High-Resolution Absorption Spectra for Phytoplankton Research: Limitations at Varied Signal-to-Noise Ratio and Spectral Resolution. By D. L. Roelke, C. D. Kennedy and A. D. Weidemann
The Population Dynamics of the Brittlestar Ophioderma brevispinum in Near and Farshore Seagrass Habitats of Port Saint Joseph Bay, Florida.  By Clare L. Leonard and James B. McClintock 
Short Papers and Notes
First Record of a Risso's Dolphin (Gramps grisue) stranding for Louisiana. By D. Fertl, J. Turner and S. Taillon 
Dedicated Section
The Development of Pearl Aquaculture in the Americas: Results of a Sea Grant Gulf of Mexico Regional Workshop.  Foreword.  By Barry A. Costa-Pierce, Guest Associate Editor
Biological Feasibility of Freshwater Mussels and Pearl Culture in Gulf Coast States.  By Richard J. Neves 
New Opportunities for Economic Benefits fpr the American Southeast in the International Pearl Industry.  By Maria C. Haws and Leonard DiMicheals
Short Papers and Notes
Needs for Research in Biological Conservation of Freshwater Mussels in the Southeastern United States: an Annotated Outline. By Jeffery T. Garner
Freshwater Mussels in the Gulf  Region: Alabama. By Charles Lydeard, Jeffery T. Garner, Paul Hartfeld and James D. Williams
Extended Abstract
Preliminary Results on Studies of Mussel Shell Gape Under Different Environmental Conditions. By Lawrence R. Shaffer, Andrew C. Miller and Barry S. Payne
The Attraction vs. Production Debate: Does it Really Matter from the Management Perspective? A Response to the Commentary by Shipp, R.L., 1999, Gulf of Mexico Science XVII: 51-55. By J. H. Cowan, Jr., W. Ingram, J. McCawley, B. Sauls, A. Strelcheck and M. Woods